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Food drives help make Columbus Kindness Month special

Several big food drives are making this year’s Columbus Kindness Month extra special for the CRC and the people it serves.

While community food drives are important throughout the year, this is an extra important time for the Clintonville-Beechwold Community Resources Center’s Choice Food Pantry. Mid-winter is when the excess from holiday-season collections begin to dwindle and the CRC must spend more to non-perishable food, albeit at a deep discounted amount from Mid-Ohio Foodbank.acs food drive smaller

One such food drive was organized by the good folks at the American Chemical Society, where a friendly competition turned in a collection of nearly 1,500 items of high quality canned and boxed food as well as personal hygiene items. Another $175 also was donated to the CRC, resulting in another 700 meals the agency will be able to purchase for neighbors in need.

Because of the partnerships the CRC enjoys, especially with the Foodbank, it can leverage every $1 donated into four meals.

The students at Indian Springs Elementary School also conducted a food drive for the CRC. The Student Council there organized the event around this year’s Super Bowl, so the drive turned into a “Souper Bowl” collection that resulted in more than 1,800 items for the CRC’s pantry!

One business, which conducts a year-round food drive for the CRC, is Specialty Gas House in Clintonville at 4500 Indianola Ave.

Customers who bring in up to 10 canned food items to donate are given up to 10% off their bill, depending on the number of cans contributed. Last week, Rob dropped off another pickup truck filled with donations for the CRC’s Choice Food Pantry.

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