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Kids have 100th day on their minds

The 100th day of school was celebrated on Feb. 8 at Indian Springs Elementary School.

Kids Club II students, who meet afterschool at nearby Maple Grove United Methodist Church, were asked: “How would you celebrate the 100th day of school?” The students were very creative and imaginative in their responses!

“I would get 100 ice cream cones each with 100 scoops of ice cream of 100 different flavors.” – Ella

“I would get 100 toys that I love to play with.” -Jaidyn

“I would do a really hard math problem with 5 digits, 16 columns, and 100 steps.” -Leo

“I would eat 100 different donuts with sprinkles and powdered sugar. I wouldn’t get a stomach ache.” – Oscar

“I would make 100 books to read.” -Logan

“I would get 100 Megas from Pokemon.” -Dillion

“Everyone would get 100 hours of free time.” – Oliver

“I would get $100 to spend anyway I want.” – Piper

“I would hang out with my family.” – Riyanna

“I would get to open presents every day for 100 days.” – Elise

“Christmas would be every day for 100 thousand years & I would get to open presents with my best friends.” – Keaton

“I would get to go shopping every day for 100 days.” – Meira

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